Why build your own Polymer 80? 4 reasons

Polymer 80 is a 80 percent frame built around the Glock platform, which means it is not considered a firearm and requires you to complete the remaining 20 percent of the work to make a functioning firearm frame.

The polymer 80 is available in multiple options to build all sizes of Glock guns.

So, what are some of the many reasons you would want to build your own firearm using a Polymer 80?

1. Learn the Ins and Outs of a semi auto handgun.

Throughout the process of completing your polymer 80 handgun you will learn all of the different components that make up the firearm.

you can look forward to learning about:

  • Frame – The frame is the largest component of the firearm, holding most of the components listed, and providing a grip for the user to hold onto.
  • Slide – The slide houses the barrel and firing components of the pistol.
  • The trigger and trigger assembly – The trigger, that part that mechanically activates the firing mechanisms of your pistol, is part of a much more complex assembly that includes various parts, springs, and pins.
  • Safety assembly – The Glock platform features a safety assembly that is built into the trigger.
  • Magazine release – The magazine fits into the frame of the pistol through the bottom of the grip. You will assemble the release lever and mechanism and know how the magazine is held in place while in use, and released.
  • Magazine – The magazine holds the bullets and is inserted into the frame.
  • Take down lever – Near the front of the frame ahead of the trigger guard, is a small lever that releases the slide from the frame.
  • Slide Lock / Release – The slide lock is located near the rear of the frame. When the magazine is empty the pistol will engage the slide lock to hold the slide in the rear position until a new magazine goes into the frame.
  • Barrel – Where all the action happens, it holds the bullet and points it to where its going once fired.
  • Striker assembly -The striker assembly consists of firing pin and springs that are responsible for igniting the primer and firing the pistol.
  • Recoil Spring – The recoil spring resets the slide and recharges the firearm after the pistol is fired.
  • Ejector assembly – The ejector assembly ejects the spent shell casing from the gun before the next round is charged.

2. Built not bought

You’ll have the sense of pride the comes with building your firearm all on your own. Its a great feeling when someone asks about your beautiful new firearm and you have the satisfaction of telling them you made it all yourself, finished the frame, picked all the components.

3. Custom

Going further into the built not bought, is the custom aspect. You can literally pick every piece of your new firearm, something you cant do when buying off the shelf, and at a cheaper cost then starting with an off the shelf pistol.

When you buy a slide from Gun Cuts not only do you have multiple options for the design of your slide, you also get to pick the finish.

Check out some of our favorite parts to customize your build:

  1. Barrel: Lantac 9INE – This barrel looks outstanding and shoots even better, if you’re getting a slide with window cuts, check them out.
  2. Trigger: Zev PRO Flat Face Tigger – We love the feel of this trigger, from the flat face to the smooth action.
  3. Sights: XS Handgun Sights – These are hands down our favorite iron sights, their unique design allows for the fastest sight acquisition.
  4. Light: Olight PL-Mini 2 – What we like most about this light is that its compact and doesn’t stick out past the end of the gun, and has magnetic USB wireless charging.

4. Privacy

the first question is always, is it legal? The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms allows private citizens to build firearms at home, for personal use, without the intent of selling it or manufacturing it for sale, so yes it is legal. You can buy all the parts shipped to your door without ever needing to step into a gun store, or waiting for a background check.

Look out for our future series on completing your Polymer 80 frame without any special tools.


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