Wilson Combat EDC X9 V8 Slide and Barrel Porting

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V8 Slide and Barrel Porting Service for the Wilson Combat EDC X9 pistol.

Enhance your shooting experience with this modification. We port the barrel and slide, reducing recoil and muzzle rise for improved control and faster target acquisition. This service doesn't compromise the pistol's accuracy or reliability; instead, it offers a smoother shooting experience without unnecessary frills.

Experience the difference in your shooting performance with the Porting Service on your Wilson Combat EDC X9 pistol. Upgrade today for a more controlled and enjoyable time at the range.

Add a Pistol Optic cut

View all of our Cerakote color choices here: Cerakote Color Options

If you are also adding another service like an optic cut and want your slide recoated, only add the additional coating cost to one of the services. We will refund if you do accidentally add more Cerakote add ons than required.

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