CZ P-01 and SP-01 Enhanced Front Serrations

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One of the major limiting functional features of the CZ P01 and SP01 are the front serrations. The small angled serrations on these slides make it hard to grip in perfect conditions, get wet or dirty and forget about it.

Our serrations cut through the existing serrations adding functionality and ease of use to your firearm.

  1. Slide Manipulation: Add grip in situations where the slide might be difficult to manipulate due to sweaty hands, gloves, or other adverse conditions.
  2. Reduced Strength Requirements: Rack your P01 or SP01 slide more efficiently with less strain on your grip.
  3. Aesthetics: Lets not forget, the serrations not only increase functionality but they also look great too, get your slide Cerakoted in a unique color while you're at it as well.
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