Firearm Slide Optics Cuts

Standard Cut

This cut retains the factory rear sight dovetail and places your optic in front. 

This will allow you to remove the optic at any time and still use the factory or aftermarket iron sights. 

You can also add suppressor height sights to have a co witness between the optic and irons. 

Combat Cut

The Combat cut puts the optic as far back on the slide as possible and moves the rear sight dovetail in front of the optic.

Adding the front dovetail allows you to still co witness the optic with Irons and suppressor height sights

Race Cut

The Race Cut replaces the rear dovetail completely not allowing the use of iron sights.

This cut can be converted to a combatt cut in the future.

Optic cuts are available for almost any slide from any manufacturer.

All Gun Cuts slides have the option to have an optic cut added. 

We also offer a custom service for customer slides to have an optic cut and either kept factory finish or recoated with your choice of Cerakote color. 

The 2 main optics cut we do are the RMR footprint and the RMSc footprint, which cover most optics on the market. 

Available for: Glock, Sig Sauer, FN, CZ, Smith and Wesson, Taurus, Canik, Springfield, and many more. 

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