Optic Cuts for the HK Mark 23 ( Aimpoint Acro )

The Heckler & Koch MK 23, MK 23 MOD 0, Mark 23, or USSOCOM MARK 23 or whatever you like calling it, its freaking cool. The pistol is massive, and a massive pistol deserves a massive optic. We cut the Mark 23 for the RMR footprint ( and it is cool to modernize it ), but putting an Aimpoint Acro on an HK Mark 23 just makes sense, its almost like they are made for each other, what other combo actually looks like it belongs like this?

With a standard type footprint optic like the Trijicon RMR we have to mill down into the safety plunger pocket and modify the plunger ( it works and it works fine ), but you do now always have the have the optic on your slide for the firearm to function properly or a cover plate.

The Aimpoint uses a dovetail mounting system which allows us to cut the slide for the optic without modifying the safety plunger, so if that’s a worry this is the way to go.

Other dovetail optics that are a great fit for the Mark 23 are the Swampfox Kraken , Holosun 509T , and Steiner MPS.

Ready to add an optic to your Mark 23? Purchase here, or contact us.


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