Laser Stippling

How to Order

Are you sending in a frame? or Do you need to order one?

We offer Full Builds , Slide and Frame Combos , Frames Only, and Customer supplied frame services

Pick what you want done to your frame.

Adding Cerakote is always a popular option prior to stippling. Add a trigger undercut, remove finger grooves, or add an accelerator cut. Then pick your stipple pattern, or contact us if you have a custom idea.

Place your order through our website, or if you went custom from our invoice.

If we’re completing the work on your frame we will send you our address to ship the frame in. And don’t worry, you don’t need to go through an FFL for this. If you bought new, you will need to let us know what local FFL you would like us to transfer your items to.

We hope you choose to really customize your purchase with a logo, unique design, or even a monogram.

And if you did. we will contact you about getting your artwork.

Standard Stippling Pattern Options

Dont see one you like? Don’t worry, we can make a custom pattern too.

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