How to Properly Hold a Pistol

Kolibri to Desert Eagle

From a Glock to Revolver there are lots of pistol shapes and sizes. But how should you hold them to maximize your shooting? To answer this question, we need to look at bore axis. The bore axis is the position of the barrel in relation to your hand. Really it’s simple. The closer the bore axis is to the center of your hand the better off you are. There will be less felt recoil which means faster sight recovery

acquisition, meaning faster more accurate initial and follow up shots. We all want that right.

Say ‘Web’ Four Times Fast…Weird Right?

Usually, the author would break down some boomer grip terminology and really confuse you, but instead let’s talk about how to get the bore axis as low as possible. Everyone is going to grip a gun differently and hopefully after this article everyone will do at least one thing the same. I want you to look at the web of your hand between you and your pointer finger. That little web is your friend, you want to make sure it is sitting as high as you can on the firearm.

Your Thumbs are Worthless

Some guns are more user friendly than others but really they all have a grip, trigger and trigger guard. If you’re missing one of those please contact your local gunsmith. Now grip your gun with your dominant hand, now take your other hand and grab your primary hand. Tightly, like you grab your boo at a haunted house. Tight but not too tight, because you’re not that scared…right? Now where do your thumbs go? Nowhere really, just not in the way of the slide. Your thumbs should not be holding or pressing the gun in any way. They are worthless.

Pointless Fingers

So your thumbs can just rest comfortably out of the way of the slide. Some point them forward and if that works for you go ahead. Really it’s all practice and how you specifically need to hold to gun to maximize its effectiveness. Your fingers can grip anywhere as longs as you feel you have good purchase on the grip. Some guns like Glocks and P80’s have a grip spot on the front of the trigger guard. Some use it and some don’t, it’s up to you. This author uses the trigger grip area with great success while shooting the Glock and P80 platform. I find it helps keep the mussel flip down and lets me shoot faster with an RMR or Holosun Optic.

I Have Blisters from Hand Loading Magazines

Real talk, just go shooting. Buy a lot of ammo, and go to your favorite shot and just shoot. That’s it nothing special. Grab your favorite gun or your new one and go become best friends. Learn how it jumps around when fired and how to control that. Choke up on it and keep that bore axis low. Then have fun mag dumping into trash.


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