How to Field Strip Your Glock Pistol

In this tutorial we will show you how simple it is to field strip your Glock Pistol, and where to apply lubrication. In our example we will be stripping Glock 19, but it is the same for all Glock models including G17, G26, G34 etc. This tutorial is also suitable for all Polymer80 frames and pistols and other variants ( like the pf940c, pf940v2, pf940sc) Stripping your pistol is basically separating your slide from your frame and removing the barrel so you can perform maintenance on your firearm. We recommend field stripping your pistol after every shoot, and if your pistols sit for a while you may want to perform this service and oil your handgun every couple months just to keep any wear spots from rusting.

There are 5 Basic steps to striping your Glock Pistol:

  1. Clear the firearm
  2. Pull trigger
  3. Disengage the takedown lever
  4. Pull slide forward
  5. Remove guiderod
  6. Remove barrel

Watch our YouTube video to see how its done: How to Field Strip Your Glock Pistol

  • Clear the Firearm

Easily the most important step of disassembling your pistol. Whether you are a beginner or you work as a gunsmith, accidents happen and overlooking this step can be deadly.

Remove the magazine from the pistol

Rack the slide to eject any bullets in the chamber

  • Pull Trigger

Pulling the trigger on your Glock firearm will drop the cruciform from the striker and allow your slide to disengage

  • Disengage the Takedown Lever

Glock pistols have a simple yet sometimes tricky takedown. You have to slightly pull back the slide ( but not enough to reengage the trigger) and pull down on the takedown on both sides with your index finger and thumb. Extended takedowns help dramatically in making this step easier. The extended release from NDZ is a good choice. Or our Lower parts kits include an Extended takedown here: Lower Parts Kit

  • Pull Slide forward

This step should be down simultaneously with disengaging the takedown lever

  • Remove the guide rod

Removing the guide rod is simple, just push forward on the spring and pull up to lift it off the barrel, it is under tension and you will need to be careful if you are using a non-captured guide rod

  • Remove the barrel

The barrel should drop right out of the bottom of the slide, if you have a threaded barrel, you will need to remove the thread protector.

Lubricating your firearm:

We recommend Armite LP250F Lubricate and to apply it to the slide rails both on the slide and on the frame, the trigger bar where it interacts with the safety plunger, the top of the barrel ( or inside top of the slide ) and if you apply it to the meshing surfaces of the trigger bar cruciform area we have seen a reduction trigger pull on average of an entire pound


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