Cerakote Coating Service

Our Process

As they say ” The devil is in the details”. We have been in the industrial coating industry for 15 plus years now, couple that with the correct tools and process and we have a recipe to create some of the coolest Cerakote finishes that will last.


After machining and an initial degrease we sand blast all components to remove machining marks and create a good surface for optimal coating adhesion.


Parts are then degreased with an industrial degreaser in a heated ultrasonic bath to remove any oils and surface contaminates.


We design, cut and apply all our own stencils so we can do any pattern imaginable. Camo patterns are hand laid so each part is always unique. Matching parts are applied together then split for coating.


All parts are baked in a specially designed Cerakote convection oven to ensure even and accurate part curing to ensure the strongest bond and surface hardness for all parts.


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